Forex Trading Sessions and Pip Range

By taking a closer look at daily forex trading sessions across the world’s main financial centres, you can see which pair shows the most movement and where. And, as you already know, the greater a currency pair’s movement range, the greater the chance of making more profit.

Forex Trading Sessions Table

In the table below, you will find a list of the average pip range* of each major during each forex trading session in London, the U.S. and Tokyo.

Forex Trading SessionLondonUnited StatesTokyo

As you can see, the most movement usually happens during the London session.

*Please note that these are average ranges and that the pip range varies from day to day. This is to give you a general overview of the majors’ pip range in forex trading sessions.

While London appears to be the busiest forex trading session, some days of the weeks are busier than others for all markets and thus provide better opportunities for forex trading. So what are the best days of the week to engage in forex trading? In the table below, you will find the majors’ average pip range for each day of the week:


As you can see, the greatest range movement occurs in the middle of the week, more particularly so on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This is true for all four major pairs. Although the market is open until 5pm on Fridays (EST), activity usually slows down at noon (EST) until the next Monday morning. A high market activity and busy forex trading sessions usually translate into wider pip range movements. For traders, this translates into a greater chance of making profit – if the market moves in your favour. You must however remember that wider market movements also mean further losses if the market moves against you. To prevent such an event, you can use our stop loss and our stop loss options.

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